Interior Design/Re-design Services

Impeccable detail.  Timeless design.

Bottom Line: you deserve a Home that you LOVE coming home to!  We're not just talking about four walls where you can rest your head at night or relax with the family; we're talking about a space that is extremely functional, incredibly beautiful and oozes comfort.  While we understand that life has a way of throwing challenges your way, we don't want you to wait for the kids to grow up, for that job promotion to happen, or for you to wait until you have more time. Let's chat about what you're missing out on in your Home and develop a plan to transform it into your reality now.

Introduction to LS+DG

You've got 60 minutes of our time!  Let's walk your space together!  You tell me what you love about it the way it is...then all the details you really wouldn't mind changing.  Together we'll bounce ideas, suggestions and concepts off of each other and we will narrow in on how we can help you achieve optimal function and beauty in your space.

Design team working in modern Architects


We'll come up with a Design Agreement that fits your needs: maybe you know EXACTLY what color cabinets you want, maybe you have no idea what the difference is between granite and quartz- ultimately, it doesn't matter because we will help you decipher the best finishes for the spaces based upon function.  We will draft a Design Agreement for your review and it will detail our Scope of Services and anticipated design time commitment.

House plans with calculator for costing

Introduction to the team

Let's introduce you to our large Team of General Contractors, sub-contractors, Architects, and everyone in between!  We will collectively walk the space together, pull measurements, take photos, and draft a more detailed estimate for hard construction costs.  If you have a Contractor you love working with, we will happily coordinate with him/her to convey the design plan and ensure it is carried out throughout the entire process.


Installation to completion

We will be with you (and your Contractors) every step of the way!  From spec'ing finishes and fixtures, ordering and checking stock on materials through various suppliers, bringing samples to the site, coordinating installs with various contractors, and verifying products are installed per plan, you'll definitely be seeing us on-site pretty routinely.  Although this is the most exciting part, it can also be incredibly stressful for the Homeowner, but rest assured that we will do whatever we can to make sure your expectations are exceeded along the way.



Color Consultation

Message/contact us for specific details regarding your space.  Starting from $295/hour.

Furnishing Re-Design

Message us for specific details regarding your space.  Starting from $495/hour.