It's an investment; not an expense.

As a Seller or Listing Agent in today's market, it is very easy to develop the mindset that "my home/listing will sell in lightening speed due to lack of inventory!"  After all, the house down the street probably sold the the first day it hit the market, right? Well, we can't fault you for thinking that way!

However, what we have learned with many years of experience, and if you're a Seller reading this, is that your Agent has most likely informed you already that their goal is to get you the HIGHEST PRICE in the SHORTEST TIME. More importantly, we hope they also shared with you that the 2 largest factors in helping them achieve that are 1- Price, and 2- Presentation....which is where we come in! 

At LS+DG we pride ourselves on making your home MARKETABLE.  Notice how we didn't say "pretty"?  Our goal, first and foremost, is to create a measurable and marketable change in the perceived value of your home.  In doing so, your home does appear "prettier," but that is essentially a side effect of our process.

How do we do this you might wonder? This is exactly what sets us apart from the vast majority of Stagers: we study, analyze and define your home's target demographic.  Based on years of experience and a compilation of market data, we hone in on your target Buyer, their lifestyle and their psychographics and in conjunction with your home's architecture we are able to stage your home in a way that highlights its most desirable attributes, which consequently increases the odds of a quick sale for top dollar.  We do not just simply put furniture in a home; we intentionally stage every single property.

Thank you for considering LS+DG for your Staging and Design needs.  Feel free to send us a message, submit a request below, or reach out directly to us anytime via phone or email if you have an immediate staging or design need! 

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What sets you apart as a Listing Agent? We know you're an expert at handling objections, but how do you handle the stress brought upon you by your Sellers?  Moving, as you know, can be a very stressful process for your Clients, especially when you factor in other life changes like career switches or job loss, births and deaths of loved ones, and venturing into unknown cities or locations.  You need a way to get your Clients past the emotional attachment they may have to their home and to refocus on the transitions that lie ahead. 


Historically speaking, Staging not only enables a home to sell quicker and for more money, but it also allows a homeowner to detach emotionally from their home. By doing so, potential homebuyers are able to easily visualize their lives in the home, which makes your job that much easier! 

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Staging your way to SOLD.

If you're considering listing your home for sale, then you've come to the right place! Today's Buyer is very tech-savvy and that's a fact.  Thanks to the myriad of home improvement and design shows, along with Pinterest and Houzz and other similar apps, Buyers of today have created their own perception of the picture-perfect "HOME" even before they step foot into yours.  So before you start to doubt whether staging your home is the right decision or not, let's consider this: 

In a recent 2019 survey by N.A.R. (National Association of Realtors), it was found that Staging positively affects a Buyer's perception of your home in the following ways-

1. Increases perceived size.

2. Raises perceived value.

3. Reduces perceived negatives.

4. Highlights perceived positive attributes.

5. Enhances perceived condition.

6. Promotes perceived lifestyle.

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Helping you generate your highest ROI.

Real estate investors make up a very large percentage of our Clientele.  The main reason being that they understand the value of the investment in staging and more importantly, they want to maximize their bottom-line return, which statistically staging will do. There are a number of Investors who are forced to modify their construction budgets as they are in the middle of a remodel due to unforeseen issues with a home.  

However, when it comes time to sell, they know that staging is a MUST and rarely if ever will they cut it from their budget.  In fact, most savvy Investors are willing to go over-budget if it means selling a home Staged versus vacant. 

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Emulating real life.

Our background is in furnishing model homes for some of southern California's most well-known homebuilders.  We are experts at turning a brand new model home into a work of art that looks lived-in and loved.  While the scale of furnishings and budgets are typically much larger for these types of projects, we are not opposed to working with spec builders or on close-out inventory of larger builders, where budgets are smaller.  Our pricing for builders is very competitive and we are also able to sell all of our furnishings with the home, or if preferred, relocate them from home-to-home (as we've done in the past with model home communities).  Our level of design on these homes is always on-trend and full service, which can include window coverings, wall coverings and many other custom features.



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Did you know?

A 2020 survey by the National Association of Realtors found that 83% of Buyers stated that a Staged home was easier to visualize as their future home.

Did you know?

In a 2020 survey of 13,000 staged homes, 85% of them sold for 5-23% OVER LIST PRICE!

Did you know?

With an average investment of 1% of list price for staging, approximately 75% of Sellers see an ROI of 5-15% over asking price.

Did you know?

In a 2019 survey by the National Association of Realtors, it was reported that vacant homes benefit the most by home staging.  To be precise, staged vacant homes spend an average of 73% less time on the market than their non-staged counterparts!



Our Clients: our #1 Referral Partners.

"Where do we begin?  We met with 2 other staging companies before meeting with Veronica.  Immediately, we could tell that she had a true passion for design and staging.  Although her pricing was more than our budget, we couldn't say NO because we knew she had a clear vision for our home.  Three weeks later our home was completely transformed by her team!  I did not want to move!  Our Agent listed our home and within 3 days we had several offers much higher than the list price and even higher than we could have imagined! I am a firm believer that because of the staging we were able to draw in so many people to our extremely unique historic home. 

       My advice to other sellers considering whether or not to stage- do it.  Well actually- call Veronica and let her do it!  You will not regret the decision.  We are so grateful for her expertise and will undoubtedly refer her and her company to everyone we know!"

Kris Bolder (Upland, CA)

"If there's one thing we've learned from being first time sellers, it's that not all staging companies are created equally!  Our listing Agent referred us to another staging company before we listed our home.  We met with them and proceeded with their help, not realizing we should probably check with a few others before signing anything.  After 60 days on the market and only 2 low ball offers, we pulled our home from the market and re-evaluated our next step.  We were referred to Veronica by a close family friend who had known her for years.  We met with her and her partner one week later, signed her agreement for whole-home staging, and 3 weeks later our home was for sale again at the same price. Six....6!!!....six days later we accepted a full price offer and closed escrow about a month later. The best part about Veronica's staging was that it was so unique and a complete different take on furnishing our home than we would have thought.  Her company really is the best. 
Thanks to her, we are onto the next phase of our life in Texas!! Thank you Veronica and Lifestyles Staging!"

Frankie & Jan Michaels (Brea, CA)

"After a recent passing of our grandparents, we decided to sell their home.  It had a few updates over the years, but definitely could've used a few more, but we didn't know where to start.  We reached out to a few close family members and friends and were given Veronica's company name for staging and design help.  To be honest, we hadn't even thought about staging the home. We didn't have anything to lose, so we met with her at the home.  She quickly put together a small list of minor updates as well as a staging package.  The family discussed it and we all pitched in to be able to sign her contract.  She brought in her own contractors, who were very very polite, to carry out the minor updates and about 30 days after her team was working on staging the home.  When it went up for sale, we were shocked at the response.  Although the loss of our grandparents was tough, we felt that the level of courtesy, patience and professionalism that Veronica and her team gave us was incredible. The home turned out beautifully and we feel so lucky to have been referred to her.  We have already referred her to a few neighbors and friends and will continue to do so."

Davis Family (Huntington Beach, CA)

"I could write a novel about Veronica and her company, but the only thing to say is- HIRE THEM! You'll understand once you meet her- she's the real deal.  Very direct, very clear about what is needed, very professional, and a resource center beyond compare.  She's not the cheapest Stager/Designer out there folks, but in my experience (and I've bought and sold over 23 homes in my life!), she is the BEST.  Her background, education and experience are far beyond her years. Impressed with her every time she takes on a project for me!"

Payton Schirk (Claremont, CA)